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It gives you insight on the issues you seek resolve and advice on how to handle them ... 

This Exclusive Astrology Report gives you valuable guidance and remedies. The 50 page report covering In-Depth Horoscope, Gem

Recommendation and Numerology Report is now available.


Horoscope Report – A Complete Guide Map of Your Life

  • The main section contains various charts and data necessary for anyone to interpret events, Remedies including remedial mantras, yantras and fasting practices to help override obstacles, if any 
  • Favourable periods for career marriage, property, business etc. for up to 60 years
  • Predictions on personality, marriage, career, property and general well being planetary period- wise
  • Transit forecast about your immediate future, the next 5 years
  • Yogas for health, wealth and prosperity

Report delivery: 72 hours | Fee: Rs. 1,499/- 

Numerology Report - based on your name number and date of birth

  • Personality insight, tells you more about your personality, health, well being and career
  • Ideal partner suggestions based on numerology
  • Health tips, tells you the critical years in your life & gives guidance
  • Improve personal effectiveness - your favourable days, numbers, colours & directions

Report delivery: 72 hours | Fee: Rs. 699/-

Gem Recommendation - as per your birth charts planetary positions

  • Gems recommendation based on your horoscope
  • Gem carat weight, gives the exact carat weight to be used
  • Health tips, tells you the critical years in your life & gives guidance
  • Metal setting, recommends the right metal to set the gem in
  • Personal recommendations on how and when to start wearing the gem

Report delivery: 72 hours | Fee: Rs. 699/-


Gold Pack

Our Comprehensive Horoscope Package which includes all above plus much more...   Contact us!

Report delivery: 72 hours | Fee: Rs. 3,100/- 

Our Astrologers with years of experience behind them will suggest you the most appropriate remedial measures to help you resolve your problems.


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Urbane Yogi brings to you information on - India Mythology, Vedic Astrology, Scriptures, Rituals and practices etc. What is scientifically valid and what is not. Today in the name sacred traditional practices lot of unwanted baseless things are being promoted. Avoid them !!!




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Horoscope Report

Now Printed Horoscopes Report based on your Date, Time and Place of birth are available... 


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Numerology is the science of numbers. With just your complete Name and Date of birth, personality traits and life trend can be interpreted....