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Thank you so much for the much needed guidance of inspiration. That truly is all I need to fix what it was in my life holding me back. Your readings and knowledge has now helped me gain steps towards living life to the best. I highly recommend anyone who needs guidance to come to you!

L. Ann

Thank you Anil you have made a sea change in my life. Your power Reiki session on phone was wonderful experience. You are the first person who has been able to reach and understand the root cause of my problems.

I was quite confused when you asked me those questions because I never really understood what was troubling me. After your 20 minutes session I have found my lost confidence and no more the bad relationship issue haunts me. I fact now the name of my Ex does not even cross my mind. I will recommend my friend also to connect with you.

Sarah Brown

It is amazing how you can read into my past, present and surroundings so accurately just on the basis of my date of birth, time and place of birth. Yes you information about my wife is very correct. I will follow you advice and wear the gemstone right away. Thank you. 

Arthur Green

Thank you for your valuable counselling. Otherwise I was on verge of breakdown. Now I have the courage to handle my breakup. I have already landed in a job of my liking. As suggested by you I will continue with the remedial measures.

Please keep guiding me in future too. God bless you. 

Ms Rao